Pantera is a band that took metal to the next level. Pantera emerged in the 90s and came from being an underground phenomenon to multi-platinum arena touring act within a few short years. They combined groove rock/metal/and thrash and created a music that took fans by storm. So what does it take to play the music of Pantera? It takes dedication, hard work and a love for the music of Pantera to recreate the sounds of Pantera. This is where Cemetery Gatez comes from a desire to play the music of Pantera and play it with the perfection it deserves. The band started out as a band called Spine in early 1995 and spent the next two years covering the music of White Zombie, Anthrax, Metallica and Pantera. The shift to a full-time Pantera tribute band came in early 1997 after fans and friends continuously raved about the bands treatment of the Panteras songbook, this is when Spine the Pantera tribute was born. For the next three years the band took the Midwest by storm, touring Illinois and the surrounding states. The bands also played a lot of shows in the Chicago area and were even voted ..1 tribute in the Midwest by Beat Magazine. Then in 2000 the band decided it was time to put the Pantera aside and release a cd of the original music that the band had wrote. The band spent the next couple of year hitting the original circuit of Chicago,Bloomington, Peoria and Springfield.

But the fans would not let the legacy of the Pantera tribute die, even though the fans loved the original music they need there dose of Pantera as well. So the band decided to bring back what the fans needed ,the Pantera tribute. But unfortunately the bass player at the time was not interested in this idea and left the band Now the band took on the search to fill the opening in the band, and knew this would not be an easy task. But as fate would have it, a bassist perfect to fill the position was right in the central Illinois area. A bassist that knew what it took to be in a top of the line tribute band, a bassist that knew what it took to work hard. Nate Arrington, former bassist of Master of Puppets the Metallica tribute. (Master of Puppets and Spine had done a few shows together and that’s where Nate first met the band).

So now the band was a whole again, and with then addition of a new bassist came a new name. The band feeling that a name more familiar with Pantera was needed the band was reborn as Cemetery Gatez. Cemetery Gatez is back and more powerful than ever bringing Pantera to the fans the way it should be, loud and in your face. Why book a Pantera Tribute Band? Pantera is one of the most popular heavy metal band of all time. Pantera has sold millions of records all over the world. They have played to sold-out crowds time and time again. They have co-headlined the biggest tours, Monsters of Rock, Ozzfest and toured with Black Sabbath. Pantera has a dedicated fan base like no other band in the history of metal.

Cemetery Gatez is no exception to this, we have played to sold out crowds across the Midwest. Many times fans will drive from hours away to catch a Cemetery Gatez show.Like we say “If you can’t have Pantera, get Cemetery Gatez”. Cemetery Gatez not only recreates the music of Pantera we have also designed a stage show to give the fans a “True Pantera Experience”. With Cemetery Gatez you not only get the best music you get the best all around Pantera show! Getcha Pull!